Gibraltar Dental Association (GDA) private sector dentists were obliged to close their practices in March 2020 as a result of guidance from UK based professional bodies and the general SARS-CoV-2 (Covid) pandemic lock down in Gibraltar.

Since then, GDA private sector members have been limited to remote triaging their emergency patients, including offering advice, analgesia or prescription of antibiotics. Very defined emergencies have been addressed in the appropriate environment within the GHA.

One of the main issues that has required careful assessment is the potential for SARS-CoV-2 viral transmission to staff and patients via aerosol generating procedures typically performed during the course of routine Dentistry, e.g., caries removal with fast hand pieces or scale and polishes with ultrasonic instruments.

The GDA has worked hard in tandem with Government to arrive at a Public Health approved protocol that allows the safe reopening of local private dental clinics.

Patients will notice changes as clinics will undergo some internal changes, staff training and the use of new Personal Protective Equipment in order to work as guided by the new protocol.

GDA private dental practitioners look forward to reopening as soon as they are each able to do so.


The Gibraltar Dental Association

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote the interests of dental practitioners and patients in Gibraltar by the provision of quality dentistry
  2. To advise practitioners on their rights and privileges in Gibraltar, on honourable practice, malpractice, disputed points of practice, and questions of professional usage or courtesy as described by the GDA’s code of conduct.
  3. To co-operate and liaise with and give advice to any committee, institution or body with a view to furthering the interests of members, and to keep the general public informed on current dental issues.
  4. To consider general questions affecting the interests of the profession; to initiate and promote legislation with a view to attaining any object of the Association; to petition the legislature in favour of, or against, any measure affecting dentistry or proposing to make changes in law or practice, and appear in support of any such petition.
  5. To ascertain the requirements of dental practitioners in Gibraltar and to conduct negotiations on their behalf with the Gibraltar Health Authority or any other body to ensure the good management and practice of dentistry.
  6. To encourage the study of dentistry and with that object to establish and maintain, or assist in establishing and maintaining, lectures, classes and exhibitions, either independently of, or in connection with any teaching institution, with the view of improving dental care.
  7. To afford the members facilities for meeting one another and to further links with professional bodies whether in Gibraltar or elsewhere.
  8. To discuss, arrange and implement a professional code of conduct, the observance of which each member shall abide by.



Contact Address

Daniel N Borge BDS MSc MFDS RCS (Eng)


The Borge Dental Medical Centre
138/2A Main Street